Grants, Contracts, and Gifts

Managed over $110,000,000 in Grants, Contracts, and Gifts Since 2005:

Graham Sustainability Institute (Graham Foundation &U-M: $40,000,000) Principle Investigator

NERRS Collaborative Science Program (NOAA: $20,000,000) Principle Investigator

Dow Sustainability Fellowship Program (Dow Chemical Co.: $10,000,000) Principle Investigator

Science support for Great Lakes restoration (Erb Foundation & U-M: $9,000,000) Principle Investigator

Water Sustainability and Climate (NSF: $5,000,000) Co-Principle Investigator

Integrated Ecosystem Modeling of the Causes of Hypoxia (NOAA: $5,000,000) Co-Investigator

Great Lakes Integrated Sciences and Assessment Center (NOAA: $4,200,000) Principle Investigator

Providing Support for Watershed-based Policy and Management Decisions: Lake Erie and City of Detroit (Erb Foundation: $3,000,000) Principle Investigator

Coastal SEES: Enhancing sustainability in coastal communities threatened by harmful algal blooms (NSF: $3,000,000) Co-Investigator

Great Lakes Biological Surveillance (EPA: $2,500,000) Principle Investigator

Watershed-Estuary-Species Nutrient Susceptibility (NOAA: $2,500,000) Principle Investigator

Forecasting Causes/Impacts of Lake Erie Hypoxia (NOAA: $2,200,000) Principle Investigator

Center for Ocean Science Education Excellence-Great Lakes (NSF/NOAA: $2,500,000) Principle Investigator

Climate Change Education (NSF: $1,000,000) Co-Investigator

Urban Climate Adaptation (Kresge Foundation: $600,000) Co-Investigator

Building cohorts of Great Lakes Scientists (NOAA & USGS: $549,320) Principle Investigator

Validating and expanding the Great Lakes adaptation data suite (GLOS: $392,916) Principle Investigator

Phosphorus load response modeling for Lake Erie (EPA/Environment Canada: $308,018) Principle Investigator

Informing coastal adaptation in future climates: valuation of harmful algal bloom impact on ecosystem services in Lake Erie (NOAA: $299,525) Principle Investigator

Enhancing stakeholder awareness of and responses to extreme precipitation effects on Lake Erie (NOAA: $275,617) Principle Investigator

Transitioning to Operations NOAA-Supported Models the Gulf of Mexico and Chesapeake Bay (NOAA: $200,000) Principle Investigator

Engaging Farmers in Nutrient Management (EPA: $50,000) Principle Investigator

How quickly can target phosphorus reductions be met? Robust predictions from multiple watershed and lake models. (Ohio Sea Grant:  $23,435) Co-Investigator

RESTOR Act Review Board (Water Center of the Gulf: $12,400) Co-Principle Investigator